Talent Management

This is the right place for every aspiring or professional artist / entertainer in the show sector who is interested in developing their Talent or personal future development.

Talent is a passion. Some are naturally gifted, and some might have to be discovered. Usually its always good when you can realize some income with your talent. But at first it should give you joy and inner fulfilment. If this is the case and you can feel the talent in you, then you might be on the right direction to say I have a talent. 

At first believe in yourself. As sometimes our inner fear tend to block us from opening and discovering ourselves. Find a way to trust yourself, have no fear of others in front of you and learn to present yourself at all times without fears. Pay less attention to what others think about you and just concentrate more on yourself. As an artist is important to feel yourself on top of the stage while you’re public remain under watching. In any case if you are confronted with this problem and would love to know more on how to handle it, do fee free to contact me.

Discover the passion in you and try to express it as that would be your first reward. Some talents are not there for money making the big money but rather to fulfil inner wishes. So its important to know what talent we talking about to enable you develop and understand what criteria’s needed. Eg. To be a Singing, Acting, Modelling or Dancing.

Having talent alone is not enough, rather how to bring it over to others. Likewise in other professions, Talent needs discovering, developing and constant training to enable you get better to meat up the criteria’s before exploiting it for your income. 

I do recommend mostly for beginners, to engage yourself in constant trainings as well seek help from experts or attend workshops to enhance the development of your talent so you can become a potential candidate for Managers / Agencies as well consumers. If you searching for related workshops designed to help you better understand, upgrade your talent as well to define your person, please feel free to contact me.

Sometimes we just have that feeling we can sing. This automatically does not mean we can really sing. To sing you need to have the passion and be gifted. Developing your singing talent is always necessary. 

My advice to you would be, search for role models, try to understand their upcoming stories to achieve their goals and if you are sure you are ready enough to go the same road like them, then please go ahead engage yourself in singing lessons or workshops to develop your singing talent. 

Self confidence and good appearance is highly needed here. To impress others with your talent, you have to believe first in yourself, when you love and trust yourself as well your talent and sure of what you can do, then you could be in a better position to impress others.

Sometimes we might be fooled by our inner feelings so be careful when such feelings come up. In any case its not bad to consult your partner with out confrontation rather to achieve clarity for a smooth running relationship. Learn to give your partner the benefit of doubt as sometimes people get into situations that might need to be resolved in a manner of time. But if confirmation is there, then its still wise to speak about it maybe to find out the nature and manner of such situation to enable you get a clear picture and understanding what step next to take

Try to give as much of you to your partner but make sure there is still a space for breath. Make sure you share Respect and Real love with your partner, pay attention to changes in your relationship. Give your partner the feeling of belonging as well acceptance of their person. Make sure your presence is felt at all times while together with your partner.

Take out the time to listen, understand, and help your partner in their difficult moments. Ignoring your partner might lead to some one else stepping in. If your partner shows a sign of uncertisfaction, get into a talk and apply changes where necessary

Jealousy is a natural human thing, where there is love there could be elements of jealousy. It’s very important to speak about jealousy in Relationships at the same time its important to respect. And accept that your partner must not be okay with all that comes along with you Job/Talent.

Compromise is here needed to make sure you don’t purposely step on those things that could course irritation to your partner. Try to learn and understand your partner so you can pay attention to those avoidable situations that can prompt jealousy.

At the same time make sure his or her jealousy doesn’t get out of hand to affect your Job, when this is the case, please. Find an audience talk about it and if its not controllable from partners, this could lead to separation

In most cases it’s difficult to bring both parties „Partner & Family“together. Your partner would always be seen as an intruder into your family until accepted. This can result to Partner feeling not accepted direct from the go. It’s your duty to sell your Partner as good as possible to your family likewise your family to your partner. 

Try to make your Partner know how vital your family means to you but be careful not to make your family a center of your relationship or to be in first place rather find a way to establish a balance right from the start. A talk with your Partner would be helpful in such situations 

Its natural to have feelings at intervals of our life time, so no need to panic when this occurs. 

It is important to be sure your Love to your Partner is strong enough as this will always give you the strength to conquer the tentative feelings when they occur. (Sounds easy thou ).

Okay when ever you have such a feeling its better to lean back and focus more on your Partner even at hard times in a relationship.

Find out the connecting points of your Relationship to your Partner, find joy in yourself so you can share this with your partner.

Invest less Time in thinking about the so called feelings for others as they would varnish as they came.

Most important is that your Partner acknowledges your Job/Talent and what you are doing. At the same time you should learn to be more open about your job/Talent to your partner. Be careful not to make your Job/Talent a center of your Relationship

As an artist you are expected to dedicate lot of your time for your Job/ Talent for a better result. Nevertheless you should not forget your Partner/Family as this also needs your attention ( Time management is here necessary ).

My advice is to dedicate and spend much of your free space/Time for your Partner / Family and make sure they can feel your presence

Sometimes its not how much you earn rather how clever you can manage your income. When you have the feeling you earn less and your outlet is more, first try see if you can cut down some irrelevant costs.

But when its almost not possible, you might need to get yourself a little job at the corner to make ends meet. Its advisable for every talented Artist to still get a proper education along side for security as you might not be able to earn much money mostly at the very beginning to take care of all your personal life need, so if you have a profession you can practice next to your Talent, this would give you a balance, stability and allow you the space and time needed to grow your Talent income with less Pressure

First of all what is a manager’s function?

A manager is someone who has the ability to help you coordinate your activities as well. Find ways of communicating your business to others eg. Booking Agencies / Investors

A manager is not an investor rather could help convince people to invest in you. Under normal circumstances you go to a manager with a properly developed Talent so he can imagine the next steps with you. The right manager should be able to understand your Talent, love and appreciate you as a person has the ability to control and coordinate your affairs.

Good Managers invest their time and knowledge in you and expect to earn from your income (percentages). In cases where artists are not ripe enough to earn money with their talent and need someone in form of a manager to help develop their talent before making income, this might lead to managers demanding from such artist to pay some kind of fees to enable them make up with some cost of time invested during this period 

Do not be too hasty. Be aware that because of your profession, e.g. as a stage artist, you radiate a certain aura and react to people. This does not necessarily have anything to do with your person. The world consists of “give and take”. In certain moments in life you only expect to get something, (e.g. attention, love, admiration,…) but at the same time you give nothing back. Because of your inner fear that you have to give something back, you lose people through this. Try to have a normal contact with other people, to share certain moments, especially the people who are there for you. Learn to give back in your own way.

The percentages of managers can vary as we have different standards of people in the field of Artist management.

It could vary from 20 – 30 – to even 50% depending on the level of the artist, standard of Manager as well as the kind of obligations handled by such manager and what they do for the Artist

Normally pre-groups don’t expect to receive fees and yes you should accept such engagements as long you understand the worth and important of such events and it can impact your career.

When you know who you are and what you can do as much sure you can deliver a great show on stage, and you have elements to show eg. In way of live promotion videos, chart-placements ect. Then its possible to try convince the organizers to pay you a reasonable fees for your engagement.

Usually such issues are better cleared in the engagement contracts. But in cases where is not included in your engagement contracts, its better to communicate your request in a nice way and be ready to accept whatever is made offered by the event organizers.

Manager is someone appointed to represent you such cases as well caring for smooth time planning of your matters also your finances. Unfortunately some people think it increases their cost of engaging you, therefore its vital that you inform third parties at first instance of your management to avoid misunderstandings.

Usually serious minded organizers expect that a well established artist might be represented by managers.

Depending on what kind of event you performed at, sometimes you are required to stayback and celebrate with others (afterparty, small talks, contacts ect.) at the request of the event organizers. And sometimes it might be wise to leave the location immediately in a proper manner and fashion after your performances.

Take a deep breath and try to find your inner peace, have no fear, concentrate and keep focus on your show. Avoid other distractive thoughts as well.

Actually it should be seen same as in other affairs, but because of the emotions, ambitious and expectations involved, it’s advisable to avoid it.

Yes you can. Whereby endurance plays an important role here as you need to reach a certain status point In your career before it kicks off. Until then I advise you to look for other possible side jobs to secure your basic needs.

like in other professions, you should get yourself assessed or check what other competitors in your situation are earning but be sure you are as good as them. When this is the case, then try to enforce your and place your fees

If you really love your partner then its not prohibited to take him / her to your shows as this can be of advantage and might help give a better view of your job as well as the stress involved. But sometimes it’s necessary to inform the Agencies / organizers and obtain their okay to avoid misunderstandings.

Important is that your Partner knows your profession as an entertainer and respects it. Sometimes it is required to talk about it with your partner to enable him to have the trust in you and how important it is for your job, but there is still not the understanding and you can not change to suit your partner’s demand, then the need for finding a solution becomes unavoidable.